Welcome to the Vancouver Island Region Restorative Justice Association (VIRRJA) website.

There are many restorative justice and conflict resolution programs/practitioners in the area defined as Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and the Gulf Island of British Columbia, Canada.  This organization was formed in the Spring of 2009 to unite those programs under one umbrella which would:

a)  give restorative justice a “voice” when dealing with common concerns and

b)  provide a venue for finding information necessary to form a similar program in your community.

Restorative Justice is an alternative for the criminal justice system that has rapidly gained acceptance and support throughout British Columbia and Canada.  It is an alternative to the current way of thinking about crime and criminal justice. Restorative justice puts emphasis on the ways crime harms the community, not as a violation of the crown.  The restorative justice models make the offender accountable to the victim and the community. Accountability for offenders is defined in terms of taking responsibility for their actions and repairing the harm caused to the victim and the community,  It provides for immediate, active participation by the victim, the offender and the community in the process of repairing the fabric of community peace.