A note from Jordan Diplock:

“It may be beneficial to remind your member programs that not all RCMP detachments have had the opportunity to review the Project Blueprint report or discuss it with Cpl. Munroe, so they may not be aware of it if a program asks to discuss it. In these cases, it might be beneficial to contact Cpl. Munroe to see if he can update the detachment on our end. Similarly, few if any detachments will have had the opportunity, and indeed the available time, to review the larger “E” Division Major Program Review Report, so it is even less likely that they will be aware of this report or its contents. This report and its recommendations have guided the direction of the “E” Division RJ program in recent years, but beyond updates to policy and the new referral form, the report findings will have only influenced the frontline where Darren has been able to have face-to-face contact with police members.

If any of your member programs have further questions about the documents, they can contact me or Darren.”

E Division RJ Major Program Review – PUBLIC COPY

E Division A Blueprint for Increasing RCMP Detachment Referrals to CAPs


The following Items  are for your use in building your programs or improving their processes.  Established programs have given us permission to share what they do and what they have already put together.  There are also links to other sites which may assist you in developing your own programs.


Are you in the process of building a program in your community?  The following are links and/or documentation which might assist you.  They cover registering as a non-profit society; obtaining chairtable status for donations and gifts; legal requirements and government reporting required.

CAP Package – 166 page document from the Province of BC – Community Accountability Program which gives all the informatuon you will need to develop a program in your community.

Society Guide for BC – 68 pages from the Law Foundation of BC on Non-Profit Societies.


Good training is essential to having good volunteers.  The following items can be used in training.

Role play skits for practice sessions.  Give all participants a role in the circle and let your prospective volunteer practice their skills.

  1.  Adult School B&E with theft
  2.  Harrassment at Youth School

Script – most conference/forum sessions follow a script.  This is a sample provided by the “E” Division, RCMP Forum training courtesy of Cpl. Cooley & Sharon Blaker

Great Questions and Socratic Questions– assist the facilitators to draw out information and consensus in forums/conferences.

Facilitator Beliefs & Behaviours – reference for facilitators.

Putting RJ Values into Use – using the values learned for RJ into daily use.

Healthy Relationships Info Package – this program was developed to address domestic violence and child abuse in aboriginal communities.  It was developed by Pearl Hunt and colleagues at the Whe-la-la-U Area Council in Alert Bay


Restorative Justice comes in many forms and sizes.  The links here are to assist you in deciding what format will work well for you.  Our membership utilize many different types of Restorative Justice and we will be pleased to link you to any of them for more information.

Learning Map – graphic example of the Community Justice Forum used by the RCMP

Community Accountability Dialgue Script – provided by Victoria RJ.

Restorative Justice Dialogue Script– provided by Victoria RJ

Community Conference Model – provided by Arrowsmith Community Justice Society, Parksville/Qualicum


Public Relations and making presentations to community groups is an effective way of selling your program in you community and in getting interested community members to join your organization as a volunteer.   VIRRJA is currently gathering stories from the members to put into a PR Package for use by our membership for this purpose. A story of a restorative success can impact all who hear it. There are also some DVD’s available that show the RJ process at work.

Media Toolkit – courtesy Victoria RJ


Restorative Justice in BC – information and notice board for RJ events and information.

BC Minisry of Public Safety & Solicitor General

Programs operating in BC with website:

Fraser Region
Parksville/Qualicum Beach